Wednesday, April 30, 2008

31 Cent Ice Cream Scoops!

Go to your local Baskin Robbins tonight between 5pm & 10pm and get each scoop of ice cream for only 31 cents! (I think there's a 10 scoop limit per person) Yummy!

Click HERE for more info!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Green Thumb

I always thought you had a green thumb because you were good at growing.  Not true.  You can also get it from excessive weed-pulling when you are glove-less.

Remember this lovely yard?  Yep, I was living in a dream world.
Dream #1:  A newly sodded yard will not produce ANY weeds EVER!
Dream #2:  A new backyard will not attract any bees, hornets, or other unsightly creatures (ie - fire ants).

So between today and yesterday?
Time spent pulling weeds: 3.5 hours
Number of weeds pulled: 50 billion
Number of weeds left to pull: 999 bazillion
Percentage of lawn left to weed: 65.343212%
Showing off my green thumb? Priceless!

And I also got to show the kiddos a caterpillar which they enjoyed.  And E even asked, "Can I see a snake now?"

And in other exciting news, our community pool opens on Thursday!  Yippee!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

100th Post!

Well, it took me 2.5 years, but I finally made it to 100 posts!  And because I think it's fun, I wanted to post 100 things about me.  But I am categorizing it so it won't be completely random... Hope you enjoy!

10 Things About My Childhood
  1. I was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around my neck.  It explains a lot.
  2. I am child 3 of 5.
  3. I used to laugh really hard when my dad would shake the pudding in the pudding shaker thingy.
  4. One year on Christmas Eve, I was so excited about Santa, I threw up.
  5. When my younger brother was potty-training, I used to stand on the toilet and reach the cupboard where his potty-treats were stored and steal them.  Because they were yummy.
  6. We had a dog named Bonnie and we used to throw the leftover pancakes to her like frisbees.
  7. I still have scars on my knees from trying to walk Bonnie by myself and her dragging me down the sidewalk.
  8. My sister taught me (for the most part) how to read and how to ride a bicycle.
  9. I loved school.  Pretty much everything about it.
  10. In the third grade, my friend and I almost tried out for the talent show dancing to some New Kids on the Block song (but we chickened out).
10 Things About My Teen Years
  1. I always had a crush on somebody.  Usually I had a top ten list.
  2. I was in the middle school gymnastics show in the 6th grade.
  3. I did OM (Odyssey of the Mind) in 6th, 7th, and 8th.
  4. I did lots of extracurricular activities  - orchestra, student government, theater, colorguard, German club, some intramural sports.  I really enjoyed them.
  5. I had some awesome friends.  They taught me a lot about myself and about others.
  6. I participated in a summer youth theater group for seven years.  I was able to act, direct, build the set, work with publicity, and keep myself out of trouble during the summers.
  7. I didn't mind asking boys out.  They pretty much always said yes and it was still fun that way.  And actually, most of them actually still paid for the date, so it was a win-win.
  8. My junior year some guy friends used to say "Woman, go make me a pie" to me.  I finally told them if I made them all pies, they had to stop saying that.  I think I ended up making 5 pies (out of 10 or so they asked me to make).  And I don't think I told my mom why I was making the pies.
  9. I worked as a soccer referee, softball scorekeeper and doing concessions at the local waterpark.  And I made enough doing that to earn enough money to go on the orchestra trip to Disneyworld and the Bahamas.  I really liked working those jobs.
  10. I missed my high school graduation because I was in Germany.  I wasn't really too sad about it because Germany was so darn fun :)
10 Things About My College Years
  1. I lived with my generous aunt & uncle my freshman year.  They charged next-to-nothing in rent and took care of me.  Even when I got in an accident driving their truck.
  2. I worked as a lab attendant, TA, research assistant, CSR, and testing developer.  It's healthy to work through college.  I learned a lot and had great bosses/co-workers.
  3. I participated in the oh-so-famous freshman Tunnel Singing.
  4. I would have liked to major in being a student.  I loved almost every class (exception: Econ 110) and changed my major many times.
  5. I ended up with a BA in German Teaching and two minors - Geography teaching and Computers in the Humanities.
  6. I loved loved the dating scene.  So much better than high school and a ton of fun.
  7. I embarrassed myself by playing my viola at the annual German Adventkonzert.
  8. I dated a guy who went on a mission and who thought I was waiting for him.  I didn't think so and I was married before he got home...
  9. I didn't do as many extra activities as I might have wanted (silly working and classes), but I did go swing dancing and latin dancing, stage manager-ed a play, volunteered in the ER and sang in German choir.
  10. I loved football but worked a lot of nights and only went to ONE football game.  Wish I'd gone more.  GO COUGARS!
10 Things About DH & Me
  1. We met camping up Hobble Creek.
  2. I once tried to beat him at pool on a date.  I didn't win.
  3. Sometimes we would fight argue.  Then he would bring me flowers to the testing lab of the JKHB on BYU campus where I was working.  It was very sweet!
  4. We dated for 11 months, were engaged for 3 months and have been married for 5 years, 8 months, and 5 days :)
  5. We were sealed in the Manti Utah temple because once driving home from my parents' house in Colorado, I didn't get off at Green River so we had to keep going on I-70 to hit I-15.  We drove by the Manti temple and all the lights were on and it was so beautiful and we decided that was where we wanted to be married.
  6. I fit into the crook of his neck.  I love it and it's so cute.
  7. Our song is "Arrested by You."  It's from the Better Off Dead movie soundtrack.
  8. At first, my parents didn't like him much (he was a skateboarder with no job when they met him), but now if they had to choose him or me, I think they'd choose him.
  9. We were first married, we were eating in the Wilk on campus and I started choking on my Teriyaki Stix.  He couldn't remember the name for the Heimlich maneuver, so he said "Do you want me to do the anything on you?"  I still tease him about it to this day.
  10. My mom was actually at his mom's bridal shower.  Weird, but cool.
10 Things About My Kids
  1. I was planning to get a PhD when I found out I was pregnant with E.  It was the best thing that could have happened to me and my priorities!
  2. My biggest baby was 7lbs 5oz and one week past the due date.
  3. DH has decided the name and spelling of both the Bubbs and PJ.  And they are both daddy's girls.
  4. I have three kids under 4.  It's a party every day at my house.
  5. The Simster is left-handed, like me.
  6. I really wanted PJ to be a girl.  I told DH before the ultrasound that if it was a boy, the baby was going to the pound.  Lucky for DH, she's a girl :)
  7. I love watching my kids learn new things.  It is a proud moment for a parent and they are so excited to master something new.
  8. E loves to draw and S loves to play sports.  And PJ loves to snuggle with me and eat.  And I love that they love these things.
  9. PJ's middle name comes from her Great-Grandma's name.  S's middle name is DH's name. E's middle name is.. well, I just liked it.
  10. My kids are perfect for me.  I have been very blessed!
10 Things I Miss Since Moving
  1. My friends & my kids' friends.
  2. My family members.
  3. Living next door to the Stevens.
  4. The basement.
  5. The vaulted ceilings.
  6. Already having a shed on the property to store stuff.
  7. More space between houses.
  8. The option to go to Jazz games/BYU football games.
  9. Church a five-minute walk instead of a twenty-five minute drive.
  10. Borrowing church books from the library.
10 Things I Am Grateful For
  1. My Savior who loved me enough to suffer for my sins and die for me!
  2. All of the blessings and direction of the Gospel
  3. My family and their unconditional love for me.
  4. A healthy body and doctors to take care of it when it's not so healthy.
  5. A wonderful house to live in.
  6. Food to eat.
  7. Clothes to wear.
  8. Good friends that build me up and support me and make me laugh.
  9. That DH can provide for all our needs and many of our wants (and I can be a SAHM).
  10. The Internet (when it is used for good and not evil).
10 Things I Like
  1. I like wearing black but my favorite color is green.
  2. I like curling up under a blanket and drinking hot chocolate when it's cold.
  3. I like taking a bath in the jetted tub.
  4. I like programming and geeking out with DH.
  5. I like reading books out loud with DH.
  6. I like vacuuming and mowing the lawn.  I like that the noise drowns out the world and leaves me time to think.
  7. I enjoy cooking, especially trying out new recipes.
  8. I like playing basketball and soccer and wish I got to play them more often.
  9. I like relaxing on the couch right after the kids have fallen asleep.
  10. I like reading, especially mysteries and historical fiction.
10 Things I Say Often
  1. I'm going to kick you in the nuts!  (Actually, I don't say that much anymore.)
  2. That's so romantic.  (Mostly about non-romantic things.)
  3. Can I ask you a personal question? (Usually it's not so personal, I just like asking that.)
  4. You are so darn cute! (To my kids. And DH.  But not usually to myself in front of a mirror)
  5. Holy Schping-goaly Batman!  (There's no explanation for this.  Sorry.)
  6. Are you kidding me?  (Learned it from DH.  And he usually yells it at the refs during a Jazz game)
  7. Can you please stop fighting? (To the cashiers at the grocery store...yeah... that's it...)
  8. Whatcha talkin' 'bout Willis?  (from Different Strokes)
  9. Kay, so... Queso?  Cheese?
  10. Ya honkies!  (Often used while driving.)
10 Things That Are Really Random
  1. I've had my ears pierced twice.  The second time was without parental consent.  But I took them out.
  2. I can't roll my tongue and I'm not double-jointed.
  3. I'm a sock-sock shoe-shoe person.
  4. I've worn either glasses or contacts since I was 8.  And I'm rather blind without them.
  5. I dislike sushi.  And most seafood.
  6. I love music but can rarely tell you who the artist is.  DH is great at this.
  7. I love playing games, but I can be a sore loser.  But I'm getting better at this.
  8. I am a list maker.  I feel naked if I go a day without having made a to-do list.
  9. Pretty much whenever I open my mouth, I end up putting my foot in it.
  10. I am long-winded.  Which you can tell from this post!
And to those of you who made it through the longest post known in the history of mankind, that's 100 Random Things About Me!  I actually really enjoyed this and I'm excited I made it to 100!  My favorite thing about blogging is that it is a unique journal.  Some of the things I post I would never have recorded in my journal, because they seem too miniscule or silly.  But I love having a record of these things!  And I love getting to know other bloggers!

Friday, April 25, 2008

On the Road Again...

I am currently in the passenger seat of my Toyota Sienna, cruising down I-35. DH got one of those cool internet Verizon cards from his work and so now when I'm with him in the car, we have internet access! How cool is that?! Blogging on the road... 21st century bonus :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Who What When Where

Fun post - couldn't help but do it too.  Thanks to Jen for the original post :)

Where is your cell phone?
 In my pocket, where it usually is unless it's charging or I am pocket-less
Your significant other? Downstairs putting up the wall mount for the TV.  Gotta love those men and their power tools :)
Your hair? On my head.  And it needs a little TLC after all day in the humidity.
Your mother?  At her church library.
Your father? At his house, I think.
Your favorite thing? bedtime & naptime & happy kids
Your dream last night? I was being told I had to be released from being a ward missionary because when I was in Germany, some missionaries broke the mission rules around me.  When I didn't know what the rules were.  But in the dream, it was grounds for me to be released.  Weird.
Your favorite drink? Anything bubbly.  I mean, carbonated.  But especially diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper
Your dream/goal? To be one of those "cool" moms.  And to have kids who love the gospel and live it.
The room you’re in? My bedroom
Your ex? My excuse?  That there's not enough hours in a day to do everything I want to do.
Your fear? Having some sort of natural disaster and not being able to get to my kids.
Where do you want to be in 6 years? At S's baptism.  And enjoying life with my family and friends.
Where were you last night? Just hanging out.  It's what we're usually doing at night.
What you’re not? Perfect.  Patient.  Long-suffering.  A professional anything.  A truck driver.  And bunches of other things.
Muffins? Um... yeah.  They're yummy.
One of your wish list items? A piano.  Preferably a grand.
Where you grew up? Broomfield, CO
The last thing you did? Put PJ down for the night (I hope)
What are you wearing? Depends on who's asking... hee hee.  Um, jeans and a nice t-shirt.
Your TV? Being mounted to the wall as we speak.  It's a flat-screen LCD.  And the one upstairs is an oldie but a goodie.
Your pets? None.  Unless you count the squirrels and birds who have been making visits to our yard.  And the fire ants - I think they think they have permanent residence.
Your computer? Apple MacBook.  Probably 6th in line to my heart (after DH, kids, and my sis)
Your life? Sometimes a little crazy, but good.  When I think about what I have been blessed with, it's just amazing.  Really a wonderful life - I just have to remember to put it into perspective.
Your mood? Pretty upbeat.  We've got some serious rain right now, which I overall enjoy.  I need to clean up for play group tomorrow, but I'm surprisingly low-stress about it right now.
Missing someone? My grandma.  I've been thinking about her a lot lately.  And Kelli - she's irreplaceable.
Your car? Toyota Sienna.  Which now has TX license plates.
Something you’re not wearing? jewelry.  I wish I wore it more, but lately it's been Sundays only.
Favorite store? Hmm... toughy.  I love the German Deli.  And Kohls.  Target.  Lowe's.
Your summer? Trying not to think about it yet.  But planning to fill it up with swimming.
Like someone? I secretly have a crush on DH.  Shhh!  Don't tell him! :)
Your favorite color? Green.
When is the last time you laughed? a couple of times during this post.  I find myself rather entertaining.  Especially when I almost answered "underwear" to the question five questions back.
Last time you cried? at TimeOut for Women.
Who will repost this? Anyone who found this as fun as I did!

Thanks to a Stranger

Just had to share this...
We packed up the kids and took them to Lowe's to get our ceiling fan(s).  It had been a slower-than-I-wanted morning and I wasn't feeling awesome.  Not grumpy but not great.  Just kind of there.

At the checkout lane, the cashier said, "You're my new hero."

Me: "Excuse me?"

Cashier: "You're my new hero.  Look at these three kids!  They're beautiful children and you look so great.  You don't look like you chase after three kids!"

Me: "Well, thank you."

How sweet was that!  It was just a little thing, but it totally made my day.  It just reminds me of how the little things we do can mean a lot to the people we do them for.  Thanks to this stranger for giving me a boost and reminding me of that!

Fresh Look

So somehow I managed to mess up my old template.  I thought it must be a sign that I needed a new one.  Plus, it's my half-birthday today... I gave myself the gift of a new look (and hopefully a ceiling fan for our room later today).  Anyway - if you were wondering if you found the right blog, it's still me!  Hope you like it!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Belated Thursday Thirteen - Things I Love About My House

I promised a Thursday Thirteen post on my house, and I try to keep my promises. Although I never promised that the Thursday Thirteen post would happen on Thursday! So here we go - some pics to give you an idea, and I might post some more another time.

  1. The Floor Plan. We looked at many many homes out here (there's a lot to choose from) and the biggest reason why we chose this house in the end was that we LOVED the way it uses the space. That's hard to tell from pictures, so I'm posting the floor plan :)
  2. The backyard. Another big reason we chose this house. We have a larger lot and a covered porch. It makes us happy. We hope to put in a playset for the kids soon and work on a garden plot. DH would have loved an acre or two, but I would rather have something a little more manageable in terms of yard work. But there's still room for fun. Plus, we also like the view. Our house backs up to nothing. Well, somebody's land, but no other houses and no other development. We have a great view. Eventually, there could be homes there, but right now, it's just us and the trees.
  3. The front of the house. This actually looks a little like our house in Utah - we love the covered porch and the reddish brick and the shutters. I like how cozy it seems. It is a decent size, but the front (to me) looks like a cozy family cottage.
  4. The kitchen cabinets, countertops and appliances. Many of the upgrades we made were in the kitchen. DH got an office/study for all of his computer needs, and I got a kitchen for all of my mommy needs. I love the granite countertops, the stainless steel and the ceramic top range. We have lots of counter space and cabinet space. Love my kitchen!
  5. Oh, and the island! I love the island in the kitchen! I use it for cutting, chopping, mixing, rolling, kneading, blending, serving, and well, pretty much everything! It has an outlet, so I can pull out the blender or food processor (located conveniently below) and mix away.
  6. Another kitchen item - the food-storage-sized pantry! We actually have two pantries (one is technically a linen-closet for the downstairs bathroom) and we use one for everyday pantry items and are starting to use the walk-in one for food storage. It is great (especially since we are basement-less in Texas).
  7. DH's office. One of the biggest necessities in getting a new house. DH works mostly from home, so we needed an office for him that wasn't located near the hub of play, cooking, etc. It is located right off the front door and most of the action is upstairs or in the kitchen/family room, so it works out great! (DH is a little burned out in this pic. And silly. And he will eventually organize his office. But it's HIS space and so I can be patient. And I can always shut the doors :)
  8. The family room. We have made this a nice family oasis. We try to keep it mostly devoid of toys (doesn't always work). We love our new comfy couches, fireplace, and flat-screen TV (that the Simster already wrote on in pen - gotta love two-year-olds!). The bar of the kitchen looks out into the family room, so if the kids are doing an activity, I can interact easily with them.
  9. The master bedroom & bath. The master is rather large, so it fits bedroom furniture plus extra needs. I am keeping my computer & desk in the master. We like the open feel and the slanted ceilings. Of course, I love the jetted tub in the master bath. It is great for relaxation!
  10. The master closet. This is a big closet, people. And I don't have enough clothes to fit it. Maybe I need to go shopping. But what we really like is that we can use some of it for storage and other needs. Right now, it is being used as the nursery. This is because it is big enough to hold PJ's pack-n-play and because the other two kids have to open THREE doors to get to her while she's napping. Love the closet/nursery :)
  11. The kids rooms. They are separated by the loft/toy room so they can't bug each other a ton and they both have large closets (good for storing stuff). We are still deciding how to decorate/furnish them, but they are enjoying them as is right now. (Please forgive S for having no pants on.)
  12. The media room. This is where we watch TV and play the Wii. Eventually we'd like to have a big-screen TV and surround sound, but right now, it's still great for family movie watching. We have our old couches in there and it has lots of room for seating/playing.
  13. The loft/toy closet/book niche. I had to lump all of these together because we hit #13. There's a large open area we call the loft, but it's the toy room. When the kids get older, DH wants to put a pool table in this area, which would be fun. We have a closet off of the loft that holds toys and games. And right off the stairs there's a little decorating niche that I am currently decorating as a book niche. The kids love to grab books and read right there on the stairs. I think I am going to get a few little bean bags and put them there so they can have a reading corner.
Whew! That's our Thursday Thirteen, but I didn't have space to include the guest room oasis, formal living/music room, extended tile entry, zoned AC, attic with built-in ladder, surround sound that includes the formal living and the covered porch, and more. I'll just throw in some pictures anyway. As I was typing this, I am again realizing how much we love this house! Other people with different needs might easily have chosen something else from all the homes we saw, but for our family, it really is perfect! We are so blessed to have a house at all, and especially one we enjoy so much! And it will be even better as we get more organized! Happy Thursday (well, Monday) Thirteen!

A much-needed TimeOut

What a fun weekend! Getting ready to go was way stressful (finish working, register the car, shopping for groceries for DH & the kids, packing, etc) - I even cried at the DMV, which ended up getting me what I needed, but wasn't something I enjoyed doing. I prefer to cry in private. Preferably never.

Once we got on the road, things were better. I went with my sis and some of her friends, so I was kind of worried about being the fifth wheel, but they are very very nice & fun women, so it ended up fine in that department. PJ was really rather good the entire weekend (what a blessing!) although some women complained around me and that didn't really make me happy (again: not much sleep or food = me crying) but with some support and of course, my great sister, I bucked it up.

It was an AWESOME conference. Some of my favorite people were there: Dean Hughes (author), Micheal McLean (songwriter), Hillary Weeks (singer/songwriter)... It was very uplifting and just the boost I needed. One of the best things about being around a bunch of women was realizing that the stuff I worry about/struggle with are things other moms have felt too. One of Hillary Weeks' songs was to the tune of "My Favorite Things" (from the Sound of Music) and she talked about bedtime and naptime and naptime and bedtime being her favorite things. And I thought I was the only one who felt that way! It was just nice to know. Plus, I felt inspired, learned things about myself, was in great company, had some time away, and DH took care of the kids AND cleaned up the house a bit! What more could I ask for? Nothing... except to do it again! DH noticed that I seemed happier, more relaxed and less uptight, and I think he'll be willing to take the kids again sometime!

(PS - I stole this picture from my sister's blog. She's good with the camera.)

Thursday, April 17, 2008


I. am. grumpy! And I needed to vent, so this is it. There's a big part of me that won't miss my job (I can't work in TX so I have about a month left on my contract) - today, despite my hours of troubleshooting, somebody found a way to break my program. Well, I guess the bug was always there, but it was so well hidden, it took a while for someone to find it. But she did. And she wasn't happy about it. And neither am I. Now I spent an hour fixing it and now I'm sitting here making sure the fix works and not getting anything else done. I need to do laundry, go shopping, register the car, get ready for Enrichment... GRRRRRummmpy!

And even though I should be so happy that my job is almost over and I won't have stuff come up like this, I'm grumpy that I'm leaving too. Because I am prideful and I'm scared the person who takes over for me will do much better and make my co-workers think "Why didn't we get rid of -um- whats-her-name years ago?!" So I just want to stick around so they don't know that someone's better than me. Grumpy grumpy grumpy. Even too grumpy to post the house pictures.

However - on a brighter note - tomorrow this part of my week will pass and I will be on my way to TimeOut for Women! (See here) And even if I have nothing to wear and feel pretty scrappy, I KNOW it will be fun! Plus, DH will have E & S by himself! :)


    S: Do you want to play basketball with me?
    E: No, sorry, I'm too girl.
    S: But do you want to play basketball with me?
    E: S! I am too girl to play basketball!
    S: Oh.
    E: Do you want to wear my dress?
    S: Okay.
    E: And we can jump on my bed. Because Mommy is downstairs.
    S: (giggles)
    E: (giggles)

I definitely know who wears the bossiness pants around here. And since when can E not play basketball because she's a girl? Who told her that? Anybody out there feeling guilty? :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Works For Me - Tracking Food Storage

Since I'm chained to my computer today because of work, I am being very blogful. It makes me happy. And since it's been a long time since I did WFMW, I thought I would rejoin the throng.

I found this great site - Track My Food Storage - where I can input my food storage amounts and my food storage goals and get food storage organized! It keeps track of expiration dates so rotating becomes easier. A somewhat limited account is available for free, which is what I'm using right now. But I will probably upgrade to the Premium, which is $15/year (which is like $1.25 a month or $.04 a day) where I can input an unlimited amount and do some more analysis and such. I have a very smart and cute DH who has been telling me he can create a program/adjust his company's software to do the same thing, but DH is super super super busy with his new position, and this is already ready to go! I highly recommend it!

Wordless Wednesday - Dress Up

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pam from The Office

A coworker told me today that I remind him of Pam Beesley from The Office. He said it was a compliment. I have only watched bits and pieces of the show, and never thought of myself as Pam. Now I am going to have to watch more closely to see if he's right. And if it really is a compliment. Any opinions on this?

PS - I have been putting off the BIG house post, because I want my house to be perfectly clean, unpacked, decorated, etc before I show it off. But I am resigning myself to the fact that I can't wait that long (because I doubt it will ever happen), so I am promising a special "Thursday Thirteen" post on the house! Stay tuned and it WILL come :)

There's Water in Texas?

We went camping with some friends on Friday. It was a little stressful because
  1. I had to work most of the morning.
  2. DH had to work most of the morning.
  3. I had to take Simster and PJ to do well-child and shots. Yuck. And I waited 40 minutes for the shots. I was definitely "that cranky lady" the nurses were probably all talking about by the time I left.
  4. Camping is always stressful to pack for.
  5. I do all the packing. Because I'm the mom. And I know how to make a list. (I still love you DH)
Anywho, we ran late getting up there, forgot the tent stakes and PJs diapers, and had to haul in all of our camping gear quite a ways to camp for just one night. And then there's the whole cleaning process when we got home! BUT! It was really a lot of fun! We enjoyed the company and are glad that people have been so inviting since we moved here. E and S loved playing with friends (although S was the only boy over 12 months). The campsite was really pretty, with a view of the water and access to fishing just a few minutes away. The kids really liked the whole marshmallow-burning, uncomfortable-sleeping-bagging, dirt-in-your-food experience. DH and I didn't sleep very well, and PJ had a blowout, but I think it was good family bonding time :)

And before we left, we went and played on the playground and in the sand and in the lake. It was 65 degrees and gorgeous! (Just a little windy, but not bad.) It's only 35 minutes from our house, so I think we'll be going there often!

And She's Rolling!

I wanted to post this on the actual day and as she actually performed...but this will have to do! PJ rolled over on Friday, April 4, two days after she turned four months old! And while we were watching the Jazz game at my sister's house, I might add.

I am a pretty proud mama! And a surprised mama too - neither the Bubbs nor the Simster really made a very good effort at the rolling... they kinda skipped straight to the sitting up and crawling, etc. So PJ is my first rolling kid & she's just so cute when she does it!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

What Struck Me

One of my favorite things about conference is that everyone hears the same talks, but feels different words. It testifies to me of the reality of the Spirit that can reach out and help us find those things from the talks that can uplift, inspire, comfort, strengthen and motivate us.

Without a doubt, I was supposed to be encouraged as a parent during this conference - the two talks that stood out the most to me were Elder Nelson and Elder Ballard. (And this is what I jotted down at the time, not always word-for-word quotes.)

  • Elder Nelson: The home is a laboratory of love and service...We CANNOT be released as parents! When we are correcting our children, we need to ask: What can I say or do to persuade them to choose another way?...Salvation is an individual matter fostered in the family... Do not control children, but lead them toward eternal life.
  • Elder Ballard:Joy of motherhood comes in moments - don't rush past those fleeting moments! ... You will have moments of inadequacy, monotony, even desperation - no role in life is more essential than mothers! ... Water can't be drawn from an empty well, pick one or two interests to develop that will re-energize you ... Families need unstructured time to enjoy being together.

Other things that touched me:
  • President Monson: We are waging a war with sin but we need not despair - it is a war we CAN & WILL win!
  • President Uchtdorf: True religion should not originate from what pleases men but what pleases God.
  • Elder Perry: Enduring to the end is not a do-it-yourself project - we need Him!
  • Elder Oaks: When clarifying misrepresentations of us, speak in mildness & meekness, avoiding pride and arrogance. A testimony is not a passive thing but is a process.
  • Elder Wirthlin: The Lord often chooses weak things to accomplish His purposes - power of God can infuse us with energy and vigor!
  • Elder Holland: Continuing revelation does not demean or devalue existing revelation.
  • Elder Bednar: Meaningful prayer requires holy communication and consecrated work -> we need to ACT upon things we have expressed in prayer. Every sincere prayer is heard & answered by Heavenly Father.
  • Elder Child: Tithing is the best investment we can make!
  • Sister Tanner: Being a nurturer is part of our eternal identity.
  • Elder Zwick:Let us not be men-pleasers but true followers of God...The message of the restored gospel must be firmly planted in our hearts and taught in our homes... We must fortify ourselves!
  • Elder Neuenschwander: The crowd came to see, but the woman came to be healed.
  • Elder Rasband: We need a personal treasury of valued experiences to help build our house of faith.
  • Elder Johnson: Youth need fewer critics and more models.
  • Elder Lund: We are the guardians of our hearts.
  • Elder Amado: True servants don't expect recognition or reward and do not have time to be offended.

The kids were decent and loved watching President Monson. We were blessed to have "on demand" on the internet to watch it (which is good because we started the second session today over an hour late!). My testimony was strengthened. I have greater resolve. I know President Monson is a prophet and that he and the other brethren are called of God. There is a living prophet on the earth and he does receive revelation from God. What better way to spend a weekend - I love conference!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Waiting for...

We're all waiting for conference to start! (Which, by the way - silly me - does not start at 10am Central time.) We will be sustaining a new prophet and receiving inspired instruction. Modern-day scriptures! I LOVE LOVE LOVE conference time! Only 30 more minutes..!

And I found this great site with printable notebooks - they have pictures of each apostle and space to take some notes. I think it will be good for DH and I to jot down some inspiration from each talk (and have a specific place to put it) and for the kids - well, they can at least see the pictures and scribble. It's a win-win.

Check out for more information about conference or about our beliefs. :)