Friday, August 17, 2012

We will resume our regularly scheduled programming....

someday.  I still have this strange idea that at some point I will go back to blogging.  At least somewhat regularly.  Like every three months.  That would be at least an improvement, right? :)

In the interim, let me just talk about this -  I LOVE all Olympics.  Winter, summer, whatever.  When they are happening, our TV is on pretty much all day.  Even Sunday evenings, which is usually a no-TV-watching-especially-sports zone.  My kids are too young to remember the last summer olympic games, so it was awesome to watch how excited they got to see it all.  We put up a world map before the Opening Ceremony and then found the countries on the map as the athletes walked by.  Awesome.

All of them had their favorite events:  Bubbs (almost 8 now!) adored the swimming and synchronized swimming, the Buns (age 4.5) loved the gymnastics, and the Bugs (age 2.5) couldn't wait to see the "jumping" (diving).  And the Budds?  He reminded me of my older brother J.  After pretty much every event, he announced that was what he was now going to do.  And then he did.  In the living room, on the sofas, on the stairs, on the playset.  First swimming, then gymnastics, then volleyball, then rowing, then running, then wrestling, then decathlon, then hurdles, then BMX, then basketball, then diving, then fencing, then all of them all over again.   SO fun to watch.

Love the spirit of the Olympic games.  We cheered on the US, of course, but Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands also got a lot of support.  The older kids made a two-sided flag out of paper and a wrapping paper tube - one side was the German flag, one side the stars and stripes of the USA.  We cheered when someone won a medal from a country that had never medaled in that event before.  We got excited to think that the sights of London we were seeing on the TV might be things we will see in person if we end up moving to England next year.  (What?! Yep, story for another blog post.  Check back in three months...)   We can't wait to watch all over again in two years in Sochi and four years in Rio.

In honor of London 2012, here is our personal ode to the Olympics. Enjoy!

PS - Please ignore the dorky commentary by me.  Even Sim said we should have re-filmed because I said "smidgeon" and that was not professional olympic talk.  Because, you know, him rolling out of the pool is totally professional :)  Don't you love how they used winter hats for swim caps?  They made the whole pool setup by themselves and were doing this before I came along and I saw it.  Had to capture for posterity.  And my blog. :)

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Update: the Simster

**Again, another post I started a long time ago.  September 2011 as well.  I will publish it now without any extra so you don't get a heart attack reading all about Simster growing up in one long post!**

Mr. Sim has spent this past year W-A-I-T-I-N-G for school to start!  He and the Bubbs are so close in age and have done pretty much everything together that the separation was a bit hard on him.  In other news, it has been nice for the Buns because the two of them have become pretty good friends, playing together every morning after seminary while I rest a little before the Buggs gets up.

He turned five.  Birthday was a bit sad because he spent the whole week super sick and I don't think he even enjoyed much of his special day.  The whole time I was thinking about how turning five was one step closer to Kindergarten and I wasn't sure if I wanted him to leave me :)

Sim played T-ball again in the spring.  He is getting pretty good at catching and throwing, but his team was really big this time around and those poor little boys got pretty antsy in the dugout for all those games... Daddy was one of the coaches and I think they both enjoyed that.

We spent three weeks in Colorado/Idaho/Utah over the summer for a bunch of weddings (FOUR siblings got married this summer!) - a post for another time - and right before we left, Simster managed to get a nice cut right on his eyebrow while playing around in the living room.  We didn't have to do stitches again (just glue this time).

Now the Simster is in Kindergarten!  We were so blessed this year because both the kids got the teachers I was really hoping for - ones that taught Kindergarten last year and I watched and enjoyed their approach. He wasn't really nervous at all for his first day and has already made a few good friends.  He is behaving well too, which we weren't sure would happen and are so grateful.  He loves school, he is doing well with his reading and writing, and is beginning to enjoy Math too!  I think he will do another round of T-ball this fall because one of our friends is coaching.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Update: the Bubbs

**THIS is the first of a series of updates I started but never posted... This one is actually from October, so I have much more I could share/say about the Bubbs since then. But if I wait to get everything perfect, I may never blog again.  Which really could happen anyway.  The whole never-blogging-again.  So enjoy it while you can! :)**

So here's the first of probably a few updates I will eventually share.  Hopefully.  There is no way I can catch everything so first I thought I would just give a blog post to each of the kids so you can see how they are growing and what they've been doing!

The Bubbs LOVED Kindergarten and did really well last year.  Socially, she was a little shy at the beginning (especially with the adults) but got more comfortable as the year went on.  As many know, I have been a little sad that her birthday was in September and she missed the cut-off for the year before.  I don't think she's the smartest kid in the world, but I think she would have been fine being in first grade last year.  But after watching just how happy she is to be in school and how she adjusted to her shyness, and how she doesn't care that she was one of the oldest ones in Kindergarten, I realized it didn't matter.

By the end of the year, she made two best friends (her BFFs as she calls them).  She loved her teacher.  We were able to go to the Kindergarten Graduation ceremony and watch her receive her "diploma" and four other awards - she earned a PE sportsmanship award, an art award (yay! her favorite!), a reading award, and the Kindergarten citizenship award.
Bubbs' artwork made it into the district art show!

Receiving her citizenship awards.

The Bubbs also spent the last year in a ballet class.  We chose a christian ballet studio because I loved the idea of traditional ballet and appropriate moves and music (my six-year-old doesn't need to shake what she doesn't even have!).  Their mission is to praise the Lord through dance and she really enjoyed the class and the year.  The only downside was the distance and the traffic - if traffic was really bad it was a 50 minute drive to and from the studio...  She danced in a recital in June and was so stinkin' cute :)  I will of course post a little video for your enjoyment.  Well, mostly for my enjoyment, but you are welcome to watch it too :)  Her class was so small - just three girls, and one of them got too scared at the recital to even go on stage, so it ended up just being E and her friend Juliet.  I was worried she would be scared, too, but after the dress rehearsal I asked her about it and she said, "I wasn't scared, Mom, it feels great to dance on the stage with people watching!"  Ah ha!  Maybe she has a few of her mom's genes after all...
E and her friend Juliet

So now THIS year - first grade.  Fabulous teacher, I am excited for the year!  She loves her class, and has made a few more "BFFs".  She has a little boy who was in her class last year and her class this year that she kinda has a little crush on.  He wants to sit by her a lot, too...  I like to tease her a bit about it.  Because I can.  And because I was like the most boy-craziest girl ever so I know what it is like.  The Bubbs still loves art, but she also loves writing stories and has started doing that more than drawing.  She loves reading and just recently learned to ride her bike without training wheels. (Yes, I know, she is 7.  Totally our fault because we didn't work on it with her at all until about two weeks ago.  And then she caught on pretty quickly.)  She is usually well-behaved but is definitely starting to have her own opinions about things (yikes!).  It is crazy to me that she is SEVEN years old now!  They do grow up too fast, but I love watching her grow up!
First Day of School 2011-12

Lost her first two teeth! (Well, they were pulled but she still
got money from the tooth fairy so that's what counts, right?)