Thursday, May 27, 2010

Random. I mean, really random. Really.

So... I've never been a HUGE runner. I mean, I never really loved it as a kid, but I never really hated it either. I think my best mile run time in high school was just around 8 minutes. But - I've picked up running here and there and then something usually got in the way (read: being pregnant) and I would stop. And now, I'm at it again. And I. am. LOVING it! Totally my drug of choice, my natural high. I'm working up to it, but I've done 2 miles each day this week. I need to find someone to run a 5K with around here so I'll actually have more of a goal. Though I do think I'll take my rest day tomorrow and do some strength training...

In other news, I am enjoying summer foods already. I made Avocado & Peach Coladas the other day (picture courtesy of Gourmet Mom On The Go) - holy yumminess batman and my kids had NO idea the avocado was even in there! DH wouldn't have known either but he saw me put it in the blender... And yesterday for lunch? A Strawberry Spinach Salad that was to DIE for! So so tasty! And today I'm making a Fruit Pizza to take to a baby shower. I'm in food heaven...

In other news, the Buggs is growing like crazy! My other kids never rolled over until almost five months (or later). Well, the Buggs is not even three months and she's rolling (back to front) and totally trying to sit up all the time. Theory about the rolling over? Trying to get away from her overattentive siblings...

In other news, the Buns is in the beginning stages of potty training. 'Nuff said. Please pray for me.

In other news, Girls Camp countdown - 25 days! We took a long day trip to see the camp this week. (My four kids were angels! Three hours there, three hours back and they barely complained! What a blessing!) The location is gorgeous and we are right on the lake. Swimming is a minute away, showers a minute away, hiking and fishing five minutes away. I'm getting soo excited and hope the girls have a wonderful time and come back with more love for their Savior and each other!

In other news, I really need to get back to my pre-pregnancy size. I gained 40 lbs with the Buggs. And I've lost 33 of those lbs, but I still can't fit into most of my pre-prego capris and shorts. And we're in 90 degree Texas weather, people. I can't be wandering around in jeans!

In other news, I am in the process of getting my Texas teaching credentials. No big plans on the horizon to start teaching again, but we'd like to have the option available.

In other news, I went to a friend's open house this week. She is selling cute cute flowers, headbands, bows and more. I came home with a stash and my girls are loving it!

In other news, my house is kind of a mess. Just thought I would share. That's on my list of things to accomplish today. I also thought I'd throw that in so that if you live near me, you won't wonder why I don't answer the door if you come by today...

In other news, even if I don't have a pretty house, I have sort of pretty feet. Well, foot. Thank you Bubbs for the priceless photo.

In other news, I am totally famous. Thank you Serene :) You should check out her blog. Adorable children, funniness, and many mentions of chocolate. Can it get any better?

In other news, I am supposed to be leaving my house in 10 minutes and I still need to blow dry my hair. Yikes! Signing off...

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Things I'm thinking about right now that make me happy:
  1. That I got a chance to teach early-morning seminary last week (I aspire to that calling - hint hint bishop!)
  2. My calling serving in YW - what wonderful girls and great leaders to work with!
  3. Catching DH strumming his guitar in his office
  4. Watching PJ lovingly take care of her baby just like I take care of the Buggs (and just FYI, if you see her hitting and throwing her baby, I promise I don't do that to the Buggs! :)
  5. Listening to the Bubbs say her personal prayers in her bed at night
  6. Teaching my last day of co-op preschool last week
  7. Surviving a trip to the zoo with all four kids. And really enjoying it - great friends, great company, good kids... Just wasn't loving the humidity and the sweat!
  8. Watching my kids play with their cousins
  9. The Buggs sleeping seven hours last night! Straight through! Once we confirmed she wasn't dead, it was!
  10. Diet Caffeine-free Dr. Pepper. My almost guilt-free guilty pleasure :)
  11. Watching my kids help daddy make homemade spaghetti sauce for dinner
  12. Chicken Salad on rolls. Yummmm....
  13. Pool preK graduation party. Swimming will be crazy this summer with four kids, but you gotta love mornings at the pool
  14. Scripture reading on my iPod (totally needs it's very own post. That's how much I love it!)
  15. Laughing at the funny things Simster says. The first thing he told daddy about the zoo? "We saw lion poop!" (Yes, only my kids, I know. We are rather open about bodily functions around here. Thank you DH...)
  16. Going to see a play tomorrow night that a YW is in
  17. Fruit smoothies or ice cream while watching Sue Thomas FBEye with DH
  18. Two words: Girls Camp!
  19. Enjoying my own funniness. I love laughing at my own jokes. Which is probably good because not many other people do...I'm kind of an acquired taste. Hee hee here I go again
  20. The gorgeous after-storm night outside - 65 degrees and perfect!
This list makes me happy. I have some other not-so-happy things on my mind right now, mostly thinking about some burdens some friends and family are carrying and wishing I could carry their trials for them. At least do more to ease their burdens. Wishing I could fix things because I love them. I will keep praying. Prayers work, even if they aren't answered in our timing. I was reading in Alma 34:39 today about not being led away by the devil and the thought popped into my mind - "Prayer all day keeps the devil away" It will. It truly does keep us closer to our Father in Heaven and allows the Savior to minister to us.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Meeting the 53rd great-grandchild

What a sweet moment - Baby T loves Grandma as much as I do!

Tball through the Eyes of the Bubbs

So Simster is doing modified Tball right now (they call it blastball). It is way cute to watch him, but I'll admit, it's a tad boring. The little boys all get to bat, someone fields it and throws it to first base and then first base throws it home. Rinse and Repeat.

I gave the Bubbs the camera during the last game (our fabulous cousins joined us for this one!) and the photo shoot really says a lot about Tball in the eyes of a five-year-old sister...