Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

This is not the greatest picture, but it will have to do until I (if I) post pictures of the day. I am having a birthday today! Yipee! Actually, the past few days have been a little crazy and we're leaving for Texas tomorrow (YEAH!) so I am trying to tie up loose ends before we go and don't have a lot of plans for my Bday. It doesn't even really feel like a bday! DH is home, so I've had a nice break while he does some of the child-entertaining and housework. I will probably go spend some money today on something I want (the question is: what do I want?) and we have tentative plans to go out to dinner - depending on if I get everything done.

The weird thing about this whole not-really-a-birthday birthday is that I'm not even really bummed or depressed that I'm not doing/having more. Usually I feel a little sad that not everyone in my family goes to great lengths for my bday like I do for theirs, but I'm just mellow about today. I guess I'm getting more mature. Or just tired. Or just EXCITED to go to see my awesome sister and her cute family! That's birthday present enough!

One of my friends asked me today what my favorite birthday memory was and my least favorite... I'm not actually sure about either. I have had many many good birthdays... but not so many fantastic or awful birthdays. A couple that stick out: 20 years ago my grandpa passed away. Well, actually, it was the day before my birthday. It wasn't an awful birthday, but everyone was definitely more somber and subdued. They tried to make my birthday joyous, but I knew that grandpa had died and couldn't be with me anymore. I definitely won't forget that day. Another one was 8 years ago when I celebrated a birthday in Germany. I thought I would miss everything about being home that day, but I had some great friends and a great host family and I enjoyed having a customary German party - it's something I may never experience again!

Another year older and wiser (I hope) too! :)

Friday, October 19, 2007

DJ Pinocchio

My German-speaking kids LOVE this song!

Budding Bilingualism 101

We are trying to raise bilingual children (German/English). Trying, of course, is the operative word :) Because our opportunities for interaction with native German speakers are few and far between, I see my kids turning more and more to English. They pretty much only speak German with me. However, one thing that's helped is having almost all their media intake be in German (songs, DVDs, books, computer, even some battery-operated toys). They love Benjamin Blümchen (above) and Bob Baumeister (Bob the Builder); they know more Children's Songs in German than English, and think every book is in German (I translate a lot of library books on the fly).
I have been trying harder to focus our bilingual attempts, since I think I am taking the easy road a lot of the time and just resorting to English, especially when DH is around or other kids. I am reading Raising Bilingual Children: a parent's guide and it has had some great insights/research to share. One of the things it talks about is "code-switching" where the kids use the two languages interchangeably in one conversation. Yep. That'd be my kids...

Some fun things we come across...
  • The word for ice in German is "Eis" - which they also use for ice cream. Because of this, when the Bubbs hits her head, she turns to DH and says, "I have an owie, I need to put ice cream on it." It cracks me up!
  • For the longest time, in our church nursery, my kids would be very confused at "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes". In the German version, the ending goes "Aug, Ohr, Nase, Mund" (eye, ear, nose, mouth) The English is "Eyes, ears, mouth & nose" and I know the other women wondered why my kids were always pointing to the wrong body part...
  • There's so many.. but this is my all-time favorite: In German, when a kid goes to the bathroom, "Ich muss Kacke machen" and Bubbs literally translates and says to DH, "Daddy, I have to make a poop." I enjoy it every time!

Just some random thoughts I was thinking about as I was reading this book! Now we've to find a German preschool that doesn't cost $6000! :)

Thursday, October 18, 2007


So after a long "hiatus" - I am posting again! (Don't mind the quotation marks - I've been enjoying the "blog" of "unnecessary" quotation marks and I had to put in some unnecessary quotation marks of my own :)
Anyway... I am posting because we went in for another ultrasound today (already had one at 18ish weeks). Doc told me last visit (in September) that I was measuring small and that if I was still measuring small next visit she would send me in for an ultrasound. Yikes. So this visit (Oct 12) I was measuring small and she set me up with an ultrasound. After having two kids and not having to have an extra ultrasound (so I'm assuming I've always been large enough), I was a little stressed out. What would we discover? Was something wrong with baby? Two heads? Half a heart? Three fingers? I had to wait until...
Today we went in (just DH and I - thanks to my good friend who dealt with the kids). We waited 15 minutes in admitting and another 15 in the ultrasound waiting room. The technician prodded, measured, and peeked. Luckily, the baby hasn't grown anything weird in the nether regions (ie - still a girl!) and.. She's FINE! Whew! My due date is Dec 9 and the ultrasound had me measuring Dec 13/14. No biggie, she said, and they'll probably even keep my due date the same! Just another major blessing for our family!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

You Learn Something New...

Just a fun anecdote as my post... I'll post a little more about our trip to Colorado later...
The other day I was working on making our bed. DH happened to be in the room while I was doing this (a rarity) and I mentioned to him that it was weird how the flat sheet on his side of the bed always managed to come un-tucked, while mine stayed properly tucked in.

"Yeah," he says. "That's the first thing I do before going to bed... I un-tuck the sheet. I hate having it tucked in like that."

"Really?" I say, sure he's just pulling my leg.

"Yep. It's the first thing I do in the hotels too." DH spends 2 to 3 nights most weeks in a hotel, so the hotel comment is not surprising, but the un-tucking comment is.

"What?!" I can hardly believe it. Five years sharing a bed and I am just NOW finding out that he doesn't like his sheet tucked in? I guess I've just always assumed it's an accident that it's un-tucked on his side...
It's nice to know that no matter how long I live with this man, I'm sure he'll always surprise me... What's next? Stay tuned...